Advisory Board

Shortly Study WYSE members will be eligible to put themselves forward as candidates for the new Advisory Board of Study WYSE.

Leadership that truly guides the association—and the industry 

Study WYSE’s new Advisory Board brings fresh ideas, innovation, and enthusiasm to the association:

Advisory Board will be responsible for the following:

  • Supervising the work of the Association and its subsidiaries
  • Acting as trustees for the Association’s resources
  • Providing representation of the Association in the global education industry
  • Executing  policies and strategic directions endorsed at the AGM
  • Calling meetings of the General Assembly and suggesting the agenda for each meeting.

The WYSE Travel Confederation Association Manager,  Nimesh Patel, executes the day-to-day management of  Study WYSE. Nimesh operates out of the headquarters of the WYSE Travel Confederation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can contact him at